U.K. Foreign Minister Boris Johnson stunningly resigned Monday amid a growing backlash over Prime Minister Theresa May's handling of Britain's departure from the European Union -- sending May's government into crisis days before a visit from President Trump.  Johnson, who was one of the lead campaigners for "Vote Leave," resigned less than 24 hours after Brexit Secretary David Davis and junior Brexit minister Steve Baker quit their posts in protest of how the government is handling Brexit.

Journalist and commentator Tom Harwood joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the UK's stunning cabinet resignations, and what they mean for Brexit.

On what brought the high-profile resignations: At the moment, the UK is undergoing negotiation with the EU after we voted for Brexit two years ago. Brexit is quite a complicated process there's a lot of trade deals that need to be worked out. We need to negotiate our future relationship with the EU and what the cabinet agreed to on Friday are what a lot of people who agree with Brexit are very very unhappy with. It leaves the UK in very close regulatory with the EU. (2:45)

On who has resigned and why it is significant: Yesterday West Minister was absolutely shocked by the huge resignation of the Brexit secretary, the man who is supposed to be negotiating our exit from the EU, David Davis he took one of his junior ministers with him, which was seen as a blow to the leadership of Theresa May whose been trying to bring together the people who voted to leave and the people who voted to remain.  And then just today we had our foreign secretary Boris Johnson resign. (3:52)

On how this impacts the United States: One of the reasons for one of these resignations in the first place is that this new Brexit policy of Theresa May could jeopardize a future trade deal between the UK and the US by locking us in with the EU in terms of the regulations that we have on goods and agricultural products. It would make a trade deal with the US much much harder. (5:27)

On if there may be more resignations: There's been a lot of chatter today about more cabinet ministers that may be resigning. Our International Trade Secretary Liam Fox is said to be very very close to resigning and there are some other Brexit supporting ministers that could.  (6:28)

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