Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived Friday at an air base in Japan for a refueling stop en route to his first visit to North Korea since the historic June 12 nuclear summit in Singapore. His visit to Pyongyang will be his third since April. His high-stakes objective, which analyst Harry Kazianis called his "Mission: Impossible," is to help convert the regime's promises of denuclearization into concrete action that would eliminate the threat posed by Kim Jong Un's nuclear arsenal.

Rich Edson, Washington Correspondent for Fox News Channel, is traveling with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss Pompeo's visit to North Korea. 

Update on Pompeo's Trip: It's Saturday morning here in Asia and the Secretary of State is over in Pyongyang right now and he's just about to begin his second day of negotiations with the North Korean delegation and senior officials there. We don't have a sense if he's met with Kim Jong Un on this trip today or this afternoon on Saturday before he travels to Tokyo.  (1:34)

On any new details from American side of what specifically they are trying to achieve: We are getting very few details from the U.S. side from the State Department from the administration as to what else North Korea has agreed to. The document that Trump and Kim Jong Un singed last month in Singapore is a very very broad document and the missing details on how North Korea would give up its nuclear program, how the United States would verify that. Also, the U.S. doesn't have a full understanding, according to Secretary of State what North Korea has and where it has it.  (3:12)

On if Pompeo understands how difficult this will be: Oh yeah, and he and his staff definitely understand and appreciate that. They're the ones in these negotiations and they're the ones trying to make this work. (4:43)

On the part of the trip in Japan: It's showing a united front. Kim Jong Un is in discussions, ongoing discussions and consultations with Xi Jinping, the Chinese president. So, those allies are coordinating. (7:25)

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