With five months until Election Day, Democrats hold the enthusiasm advantage -- and that puts them ahead of Republicans in the congressional vote as well.  A Fox News poll released Thursday finds 48 percent of voters favor the Democratic candidate in their congressional district and 39 percent the Republican.  That 9-point lead is up from a 5-point edge the Democrats held in March (46-41 percent).

Communications Director for the National Republican Congressional Committee Matt Gorman joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the midterm elections. 

On Democrats' roadmap to winning House majority:  Not right now, no. I mean the generic ballot has been the closest its been all cycle. Even in the in-district polling we're seeing that its tightening. Actually some of the in-district polling looks good for us and not just the head-to-head generic ballot. We're talking about the president doing a rally in Montana.  His approval ratings 47 to 52 in a lot of these districts. These people feel good about where the economy is going.  So, that 24 number, with 23 of them in Clinton districts it sounds pretty easy but for the Democrats the roadmap getting there is quite hard. (1:03)

On what makes him confident that Democrats have a tough battle: Number one, I'll say the Democrat party is moving far to the left. It's very different I think than 2010 with the Republicans or even 2006, when Rob Emmanuel was recruiting pro-life Democrats in upstate New York in Democratic districts.  (4:11)

On Cook Political Report: Not to bash the media too much and this isn't anything I wouldn't say to these guys faces in fact I have, look they're in to sell subscriptions and so it's a lot of an earned media play.  It's a lot of not based on polling. It's not based on what they're seeing on the ground. It's based on either conventional wisdom or some tangible trend that they can try to point to in some of these districts. (7:14)

On enthusiasm gap: Quite frankly yes, I am worried about the enthusiasm gap. Look the Democrats have a turned key operation. They have to do nothing for these guys to show up and they do in huge numbers. What we've seen in special elections where if Republicans know the stakes of the election, Republicans show up because they know the stakes and they get energized and they realize that 'Oh, darn. We really gotta get out there." (14:19)

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