President Trump said Monday he interviewed four potential candidates for Supreme Court, moving swiftly to choose a nominee as Democrats launch preemptive attacks against his eventual pick to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy.  Trump told reporters in the Oval Office as he met with the Dutch prime minister,

"During the morning, I interviewed and met with four potential justices of our great Supreme Court. They are outstanding people. They are really incredible people in so many different ways, academically and every other way, and I had a very, very interesting morning."

Senior political analyst Brit Hume weighed in on how he thinks the Supreme Court Justice confirmation will play out.  On America's Newsroom Monday Hume said,

"All the old rules are off the table.  Every effort is likely to be made to portray whoever is as an extremist, as somebody automatically prepared to reverse Roe vs. Wade."

Brit Hume joined Fox News Radio's Marie Harf to discuss the Supreme Court Justice nominees and more. 

On Supreme Court fight:  I fear that this will be as ugly as anything we've ever seen because so much is perceived to be at stake, particularly on the left where I think its fair to say so many important victories that the left has celebrated have come by a virtue of court decisions. I think the left feels more reliant on that branch of government.  (1:08)

On if he thinks Trump will stick to short list: I don't have any reason to think otherwise. He's so mercurial and and unpredictable that even if you had the best sources in the White House, who are steering you in one direction or another, it might turn out tho be bad information simply because the president decided at whatever time to change his mind. (2:01)

On why abortion is moral issue of our time: Well just look at whats happening here. Amy Coney Barrett a newly confirmed but quite impressive woman judge out in Midwest, who is on the short list, what was the questioning to her about? It was about her Catholic faith.  She is a Notre Dame graduate. She is thought to be a devote Catholic, a seriously practicing Catholic.  The underlying issue always the same. It's abortion. (2:50)

On if people will get insight into how this nominee will vote on issues: You try to avoid discussing issues that in some form or another that might come before the court.  I don't think you'd get any direct information on an abortion related case or really many other cases in a direct sense.  You might, however, get a sense on how devoted they are to precedent.  (3:56)

On if there is a benefit to having a variety of judicial philosophy: I think this is where the public comes in. This is where the voters come in.  The supreme court nominees are always an issue in the presidential campaign. They certainly were in this last one.  (5:43)

On tariffs: I am profoundly skeptical of tariffs. I think tariffs can lead to, when you get into tit for tat battle pretty soon it's bigger than they neighbor situation with multiple nations and it hurts everyone's trade and everyone's economies suffer. (10:23)

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