The nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will be announced on July 9, President Trump said on Friday. Trump said he plans to interview one or two candidates on Saturday or Sunday before announcing his nominee after the Fourth of July. "I've got it narrowed to about five," he said, including two women.

Editor-in-Chief of The Weekly Standard Steve Hayes joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss who could be replacing Justice Kennedy. 

On Supreme Court nominee possibilities Lisa Murkowski actually has some leverage here. She's certainly one of the most important, I would argue, two or three senators to President Trump's pick. But President Trump has said repeatedly that he will pick just from this list.  He suggested this afternoon that he had in his head sort of narrowed it down to five people. (1:00)

On Trump sticking to list: Certainly if you talk to people in and around the White House they will say he is sticking to the list. You will get strong pushback from the White House and people who are advising when you suggest that he may go off the the list. Again, nothing is locked in because he's an ad hoc president. Judging from the way people are getting this pushback I think it's pretty safe to assume he will stick to the list. (4:40)

On Putin meeting: If we were advising a traditional conservative president we would want this president to go in and be very forceful with Putin, both in terms of his destabilization of the Middle East, his interference in Syria, what he did in Ukraine and in particular confront him about meddling in elections. I don't have confidence.  (6:03).

On Wisconsin governor's race: Scott walker I think is in some ways lucky because he is facing a Democratic field that is terribly splintered and there aren't very many good Democrats. I would say Walker is sort of the odds on favorite right now. He's very polarizing. The state is very divided. If Democrats could settle on a candidate who could really make a case then he could be in trouble.  (10:07)

On Charles Krauthammer: It wasn't an easy piece to write and it feels totally inadequate. I wrote one other of appreciation of Charles last week.  I feel like I haven't really captured him but i guess I'm never really going to.  He was a fantastic colleague and a terrific friend. I'll miss my times chatting with him on the panel.  (13:45)

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