President Trump told reporters the "search for a new justice will begin immediately" after the Wednesday announcement from Justice Anthony Kennedy that he plans to step down from the high court. The announcement kick-started rampant speculation about whom Trump will pick for what could be the most consequential appointment of his presidency, giving him the opportunity to move the Supreme Court more solidly to the right.

On the replacing the vacancy in the Supreme Court:  Well, first of all I want to thank Justice Kennedy for his service and certainly wish him and his family well in his retirement. It doesn't have to be a nasty fight. I don't think it will be because the Democrats may make it nasty but there's really nothing they can do to block it.   (00:32)

On immigration bills: It's really unfortunate. I was really hoping the House could pass an immigration package, you know it could probably be more conservative than what we could pass in the Senate. It would just be nice to get a proposal on the board. You know something that the Senate could look to conferencing with when we pass a bill.  Maybe we ought to take the approach, how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. Maybe we should start doing that.  (2:16)

On dealing with dreamers: It's a problem we have to fix and again I really though the President stepped up to the plate and provided a very reasonable proposal. (7:50)

On Trump's tariffs: Let me first start by saying what I agree with the President on the biggest problem here is really China. They are the ones who have been stealing industrial secrets our military secrets. That's where we need to focus our efforts. I also completely agree with him in terms of reciprocity. We should be demanding from all our trading partners reciprocal treatment, but in terms of his actually his negotiating stances is where I have a real problem.  (9:26)

On how long he is willing to give Trump to use the tariffs: I think time's already up. (12:00)

On Jeff Flake's idea to hold up judicial nominees: I certainly don't want to hold up judicial nominees.  (13:26)

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