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Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes spoke with Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, about the controversy over his daughter, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, being refused service at the Red Hen Restaurant in Virginia.

"If the owner of that restaurant really wanted to make a point, she could have said, 'Miss Sanders, can I speak to you a moment?' Then pulled her aside and said, 'Look, you go into the Oval Office four or five times a day, and speak directly to the President of the United States. There are some things I am very troubled about and I would deeply appreciate it if you would say to him some things that bother me.' She would have had an opportunity so say something to the person who has greater access to the President than anyone other than his wife and the Chief of Staff. Instead she decided not to have a moment where she could have maybe made a point. She just did something that makes her look like an absolute hateful bigoted bully," Gov. Huckabee said.

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