Todd Starnes spoke with Hogan Gidley, Special Assistant to the President & Deputy Press Secretary, about the policy of separating immigrant parents and children at the nation's southern border. The practice facing criticism across the political spectrum. The Trump administration is accusing Democrats of playing politics with the issue of illegal immigration ahead of the midterm elections.

"When an illegal alien comes to this country and murders one of their own family members or has a drunk driving accident that kills one of their family members, that's permanent separation. The difference in temporary and permanent is that temporary you can go see your father again, you can see your child again, you can be reunited one day. When someone is killed, you can't, and that's the outcry and the outrage for temporary separation is there by the media as you just pointed out. Nobody has the outcry and the outrage for those permanently separated, and that's a sad state of affairs," Gidley said.

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