President Trump on Tuesday touted the success of his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, thanking the rogue regime's ruler and saying "the World has taken a big step back from potential Nuclear catastrophe!" Among the topics discussed at the historic summit held in Singapore was the "complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula," of which Trump and Kim signed an agreement committing to pursue. The concession was one of the main requirements sought after by the U.S.

Congressman Ted Lieu, member of the House Foreign Affairs and House Judiciary Committees, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the North Korea Summit and more.  Mr. Lieu is also a Veteran, an Assistant Whip for the Democratic Caucus, and a Colonel in the Air Force Reserves.

On North Korea Summit:  What we want to have happen is for North Korea and the United States, as well as other parties, to now hammer out a deal that will result in full and complete denuclearization. I think it's important to give it some time because honestly we don't know if this was successful or notWhat we do know is that tensions have deescalated. That is a good thing.  (00:28)

On his statement stating the U.S. has no good military options against North Korea: We do have an array of military options. They're just not good. Remember the Iraq War when we did that awesome shock and awe at the beginning where we did a lot of airstrikes, basically leveled at their defenses in Iraq. That took a fair amount of time it didn't just occur in one day.  (2:44)

On invasion of Yemen by Saudi-led coalition: Let me first say this is not a partisan issue. This started under the Obama administration and I criticized the Obama administration for supporting Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen because they were conducting a large number of airstrikes of which a portion would hit civilians no where near military targets and from my experience as a military officer they looked like war crimes to me. But now we have this catastrophic famine and other humanitarian catastrophes happening and on top of that we have an invasion.  James Mattis, from my understanding, in the Pentagon is very uncomfortable with what is happening. I think the U.S. should actually stop supporting the Saudi-led coalition as a message to them to say, 'You should not to this. You should try to achieve peace.' (4:28)

On President's rhetoric about North Korea: It's possible. But if u look at Kim Jung Un when he makes his speeches he started talking about the economy and how he wanted to help the North Korean economy and so I think the President should actually get credit for the sanctions that he put on North Korea from other countries. I believe the sanction regime is what caused North Korea to come to the bargaining table, but yeah, it's possible his rhetoric may have affected that. (6:22)

On immigration bills in the House: I don't believe either of those two bills will pass next week. I do know that the DREAM Act in fact would pass with bipartisan majority in the House.  So I still hope that that bill will be voted on and I urge the Speaker to allow us to vote on that piece of legislation.  (8:35)

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