Winning? Nearly five hours of unprecedented and surreal talks between US President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un culminated on Tuesday with fulsome declarations of a new friendship but just vague pledges of nuclear disarmament. For Trump, that amounted to a triumphant outcome in his extraordinary gamble with the rogue kingdom's despotic leader. But there were scant details on what new commitments had been secured from Kim, even as Trump announced he would end the regular military exercises the US conducts with South Korea.

Fox News Radio's Guy Benson & Marie Harf sat down with Kellyanne Conway, senior Counselor to the President. 

On how she would rate the outcome: Well, the outcome where it stands now would have to get somewhere around a nine and the reason I say that is because I'm going to echo President Trump here.  He has said we'll see what happens and that this is never going to be a one and done situation. no one transforms 70 years of tension and conflict in the span of one meeting.  A denuclearized Korean peninsula is not going to happen overnight, but this is such a major step forward towards peace and progress. (1:00)

On any concern that North Korea has promised this before: Well, the President himself has said that his eyes are wide open.  I mean we know what's happened in the past. We know what's happened with Chairman Kim Jong Un and his predecessors, but we also know we've never had President Trump in the driver's seat.  (3:30)

On if all options remain on the table if North Korea does not follow through: Well, the President has said that the maximum pressure campaign continues in absence of that. but let me just stay clear it's not going to happen overnight. (5:24)

On comparing this deal to the Iran deal: Respectfully, I would not conflate the two because you're dealing with two different situations, two different countries, two different leaders and the Iran deal didn't happen overnight either.  (7:00)

On framework of the nuclear deal: Here's what I can guarantee you, that the President is claiming that this will be a process and as for a timetable he's made clear that the lifting of sanctions is tied to actions to denuclearize so he will continue to move in that direction. Nobody's guaranteeing anything at the moment for a very specific reason: This just got started.  (9:49)

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