Fox News Radio's Guy & Marie spoke to Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America who recently wrote in a WJS article that "free speech is out of fashion on college, university and even high school campuses, and pro-life students are hit especially hard. Putting aside any feelings about the issue of abortion, consider that pro-life students increasingly find their ability to make their case suppressed by fellow students and administrators".

Guy & Marie sat down with Hawkins to talk about what inspired her to write the piece.

Any Event that precipitated the article?: We have seen an increase in vandalization's, free speech suppression attempts since the election of President Trump. We have had cases throughout our 12 year history, but never have has as many since he has been sworn into office. Really been shocking. This is what inspired me to write the piece. (1:10)

Any Progress now that she is pushing back?: We are seeing a lot of progress on college campuses. So many victories over the past 12 years. We are seeing the most challenges on the high school campuses. Word hasn't gotten out to the high school administrators that they can't just deny speech that they don't like.(6:15)

Should Birth Control be illegal? Hormonal birth control is damaging to women's bodies. It will be very difficult to regulate. (7:33)

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