President Trump said Friday that a high-stakes summit between him and Kim Jong Un is back on for June 12, following a lengthy meeting with a top North Korean official in the Oval Office. "We'll be meeting on June 12 in Singapore," the president told reporters after the North Korean emissary left the White House.

Host of Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the North Korea Summit, along with the potential U.S. imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum.

On North Korea Summit being back on: I think it will be on right until June 12th and the two men will sit together.  I think last week with all the bumps in the road was a reminder that this will not be an easy or quick process.  I think the expectations have been dramatically lowered, which is a good thing.  (2:30)

On the potential U.S. imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum:  The argument is I support free trade, but I want fair trade. It's kind of easy to make that argument with China.  (5:44)

On if President Trump will listen to the backlash against the tariffs: There clearly is a potential political impact in the midterms, especially in the farm states. (8:50)

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