It was a war of words between the two leading Republican candidates for Governor of California on the Todd Starnes Show.

John Cox, who has the endorsement of President Trump, appeared on a segment of the show. And in a separate segment, Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen made an appearance.

"(Cox) is a Never Trumper. I think Trump was misled by the establishment set over there in Washington, DC. I fully expect my phone to be ringing on June 6. I expect it to be the White House, and I expect him to say, 'We made a mistake, but now we're fully on board, let's go take back California,'" Allen said.

"This is a professional liar. I was not a Never Trumper. I had my questions about the President and whether he was a true conservative. I obviously now see that the President, by his actions, is a solid conservative," Cox said in response to Allen's accusations.

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