Todd Starnes spoke to Sam Blackledge, along with attorney Jeremy Dys from First Liberty Institute, about how he was told to remove references to Jesus Christ from his valedictorian address to West Prairie High School in Illinois. Blackledge explained why it was important for him to mention his faith in his speech, while Dys explained why Blackledge should have the freedom to do so.

"It's almost like if you win the lottery, you want to tell everybody. It's this great thing that happened, it's this great news and I had this great news, the Gospel. It's called the great news and I wanted to share that and so I couldn't really get to share that," Blackledge said.

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"Their speech is protected by the First Amendment or maybe, as the Supreme Court put it so many years ago, students do not shed their constitutional rights when they walk through the schoolhouse gates and I'm pretty sure the graduation stage is on other side of those gates," Dys added.

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