Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) called into the Benson & Harf radio show tonight to discuss a wide range of topics including his recent trip to Israel, the "Right-to-Try" bill passing through Congress, spending issues & what he thinks of the prospect of a potential Supreme Court vacancy.

On The House of Representatives passing Right To Try & Financial reform package (some say repeal of Dodd-Frank): I am thrilled about both of them! (On Right to Try) Nothing more personal than being able to gain access to a particular drug when someone is really sick. (On financial bill) It's a great development. I would say it's stretch to call it repeal of Dodd-Frank but scales back some aspects of Dodd-Frank regulations. (:08)

On his recent trip to Jerusalem: I was honored to be there. It was a monumental day. With our embassy no longer a lingering question we hope to be able to engage in broader dialogue for the future of peace and stability of Israel and the region. (1:35)

On The Prospect of the potential Supreme Court vacancy: A lot of chatter suggesting that Justice Kennedy might be preparing for retirement as soon as this year. Sometime between now and the end of June or first day or two of July would be when we would expect an announcement from Justice Kennedy if he were going to do it. What I am hearing is that he is at least considering it and it's a very real possibility. What I also heard is that having been appointed by President Reagan in the late 1980's, he considers himself a Republican and with all things being equal would like to be replaced by a Republican President. It should be something that we jump right onto and something we certainly should complete before we get into the election cycle. If President Trump ends up having a chance to nominate someone to the Supreme Court we need to get that nominee confirmed. (6:06)

Watch the FULL interview below.