Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX-8) introduced landmark welfare reform legislation that restores the promise of the 1996 welfare reforms under Clinton/Gingrich. This is the next big welfare push from the House. Especially after spearheading tax reform, Brady believes that these welfare reforms - which have a huge focus on work - will be unifying for House Republicans.

He stopped by Fox News Radio's Benson & Harf to discuss this as well as the rumors of whether or not Speaker Paul Ryan's speakership is under siege. Chairman Brady came to the table with a strong defense for the Speaker.

On welfare reform:  Its been 22 years since successful bipartisan reform, so it's time to start anew and make changes now that can help get millions of Americans that are stuck on the sides to move to the front lines of employment. We need them, our children need them.  (00:36)

On speculation that some are doubting House Speaker Paul Ryan can remain on the job until Election Day: Paul Ryan unites us behind a pro-growth agenda that drives this country in a positive way.  I think people are trying to create a conflict where there isn't.  I still absolutely believe that speaker Paul Ryan is the best person to help us unify.  (5:05)

Listen below: