Fox News Radio's Marie Harf & Guy Benson sat down with House Speaker Paul Ryan in the capitol building. They covered a wide range of topics from the Muller investigation, Devin Nunes and why he feels it's important he leaves his role as Speaker.

Highlight Belows:

What does the road map look like from now until November: (:45)

We've passed well over 500 bills here in the House, the fastest pace in about four presidents, since the president has taken the oath and we've been in the majority, here. So what does that mean? At the end of our agenda was working on people. Getting people from welfare to work, working on skills, closing the skills gap, closing the opportunity gap.

How do you justify now under Republican control we have a massive and growing deficit and you passed a massive spending bill, what is the justification? Are rescission idea or balanced budget proposal gimmicks? (2:20)

We want to get in the habit of doing rescission. I mean, we've -- Clinton did rescissions, Obama did rescissions, Bush did rescissions. We think rescissions are a good course to have, because there's obviously areas where you find wasted money, and money that's not being spent that you want to clean up. That's what recisions are. So that's a good habit to get into, no matter what party you're in.

On standing by Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes: (5:38)

Dems will fight the investigation no matter what...People going after Devin who is conducting an investigation that we should be conducting, and if we swapped him out with someone else I think that person will get attacked.

On DACA (discharge petitions) (8:25)

We don't like discharge petitions because is surrenders the floor to the minority so I don't think the majority should ever do a discharge petition so yes we do think our members should be doing discharge petitions.

On Violence on the Gaza border/Who is to blame: (10:26)

Any sovereign country obviously has a right to defend its own border when people are -- when there -- incursions are occurring across the border. These civilian casualties, loss of life, it's very regrettable, but clearly Israel has a right to defend its border against these incursions, and, yes, I would put the blame on Hamas, as well, because Hamas is the one who's responsible for trying to push people in and through the border, into conflict.

On giving up such Power (as Speaker of the House) (13:20)

I do think there's something to be said for leaving on your own terms, but, more importantly, giving it up voluntarily. That's the tradition that we ought to honor in this country, and I just think there's something to be said about that.