Florida Senator Marco Rubio joined Fox News Radio's Marie Harf & Guy Benson to talk Iran deal, the battle for Governor in Florida and what did he really say to the Economist?

On The Iran Deal: If you look at Iran today and you look at Iran on the night before they signed the deal, Iran is stronger and more dangerous than they were on the day the deal was signed. (1:05)

On North Korea: I fear Kim Jong-Un will shatter the international coalition that is currently aligned against us (8:22)

On his interview with the Economist : that made people believe he turned against his party It's disappointing that a lot of the media outlets to the right of center spend a lot of time saying they don't believe the media then are the first to believe the media. (11:00)

On The battle for Governor in Florida: I am not going to campaign against Bill Nelson, but that doesn't mean I won't campaign for Rick Scott. (15:31)

Listen to the FULL interview below: