Todd Starnes featured both sides of a debate over a bill in the Minnesota State Senate that would allow the national motto, "In God We Trust," to be displayed in schools across the state.

State Senator Dan Hall (R), who is the author of the bill, told Starnes of the opposition to his bill, "I'm surprised it went this far. We've had 4 of the 33 Democrats vote with us. So it's not necessarily partisan, but clearly partisan. We should not be afraid in our schools, or any other government center so say, 'You know people of faith, it's OK to be a person of faith.'"

And on the other side, State Senator John Marty (D) said, "It's not government's role to tell the public in either churches or schools, or families what they ought to believe. I actually think it's not encouraging any religious belief, it's actually encouraging more cynicism."

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Listen to the whole debate here:

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