Could Iran Be “The Worst Terrorist Nation In The World With The Worst Possible Weapons?”

President Trump called the Iran nuclear deal a "horrible agreement for the United States" in response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's bombshell allegations about Tehran's covert activity. However, President Trump stopped short of saying whether he'd abandon the deal ahead of a looming deadline. Meanwhile, a public speech and slideshow by Netanyahu unveiled facts about Iran's nuclear program that was worse than a "smoking gun."

Todd Starnes spoke with political analyst and author Joel C. Rosenberg about the threat Iran poses to not just Israel, but the world at large.

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"It's ghastly, it's horrible, and certainly Israel has the ability to defend (itself)," Rosenberg said. "But we don't want to get in a situation where the worst terrorist nation in the world has the worst possible weapons at the push of a button."

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