Todd Starnes spoke with Fox News Military Analyst and host of War Stories Lt. Col. Oliver North about President Trump's decision to launch military strikes in Syria after a suspected chemical attack by the Assad regime.

North told Starnes, "The reality of it is it was a flawless mission. It was a limited mission. It was done to avoid entrapping us in the war in Syria, and it was done intentionally to avoid collateral damage. Not one single missile was interfered with or intercepted by Syrians, any aircraft or the Russians."

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North also shared his memories and fondness for First Lady Barbara Bush, who had passed away the previous day. North said, "The country is poorer for her not being with us anymore. My heart goes out to the president and their children. People who wouldn't have talked to Barbara Bush when she was alive are now sending kudos to what a wonderful person she was because she truly was a wonderful person."

Listen to the whole interview here:

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