Andrew Minik, who is President of the Turning Point USA organization at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, told Todd Starnes about his impeachment by the student government for activities outside of his role as Chair of the Committee of Diversity and Inclusion.

Minik said the last straw might have been an event he organized to bring awareness to victims of violent crimes by undocumented immigrants. Minik said, "It was too unsettling for members of the government, and it resulted in overwhelming impeachment. I believe diversity of thought is equally as important a consideration for students. That didn't sit well with many of the student government members."

The student responded with dismay when Starnes asked if the university's administration would offer assistance on his behalf. "If there is a way for the university to remedy the situation, I doubt that they would step in even if able to. They are complicit and absolutely are in support of this suppression."