Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) is facing a fierce battle in his bid for re-election from not just the Democratic Party, but also a challenge from a candidate from within the California GOP. The 15-term Congressman spoke with Todd Starnes about how he intends to hold on to his seat in November and President Trump's plan to put National Guard troops on the border to stop the flow of illegal immigration.

Rep. Rohrabacher told Starnes that his race will come down to dealing with "the split between the Never Trumpers and those people who are happy that the President is shaking things up."

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Rep. Rohrabacher also said he thinks it's "great" that President Trump wants to send the National Guard to the border and had a message for those who disagree with strengthening the border:

"To these other people who are upset with me because they think that's warlike or being belligerent towards Mexico, I say no. We need a strong leader and our President is providing that."

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