Family Research Council President Tony Perkins set the record straight on "The Todd Starnes Show" after NPR reported earlier in the day that evangelical leaders were planning a meeting with President Trump to express their concerns over the allegations involving Stormy Daniels.

Perkins told Starnes that while such a meeting is in the works, but "it is not going to be a confrontational meeting, that is absolutely not true. So many evangelicals are frustrated with Congress and they are likely not to show up to vote in the fall. That's really the focus of our gathering." When Starnes asked if the leak of a meeting taking place might have come from the White House to stop it from happening, Perkins replied, "That's a possibility."

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Perkins also responded to Rep. Nancy Pelosi's call for embattled EPA administrator Scott Pruitt to resign after allegations that he took a $50 a day condo rental from the wife of a lobbyist by saying, "If he were in trouble, and I know the media is trying to generate a lot of controversy around him, that would have been nothing more than a big wet kiss from Nancy Pelosi because Donald Trump is not going to let Nancy Pelosi determine who his Cabinet is going to be. So if he were in trouble, he is now in good shape."

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