Mark Robinson caused an internet sensation when he spoke out at a Greensboro, NC City Council meeting to give an impassioned defense of his right to legally own a gun if he wanted to. The meeting was to debate whether the annual Gun and Knife Show should continue to be held in the city.

Robinson told Todd that he did not plan to make the speech at all, and in fact he doesn't even own a gun yet. Robinson said he had only planned on attending the Gun and Knife show with the intent of buying a gun legally but when he heard there was a meeting about it being cancelled he said, "I felt like I had to say something."

"I felt like so many hard-working American citizens and just being left behind. They are just being over looked and disregarded by so many local and state governments, and it's time for us to make them stop," he added.

When Starnes asked Robinson what the one thing he wanted listeners to take away from his experience was, Robinson simply responded, "Don't write your congressman, find your congressman. Make sure he sees you and knows who you are, stand up and make your voice heard."