In this March 13, 2018, photo, officials stand guard near one of the border wall prototypes during a visit to San Diego by President Donald Trump, seen from Tijuana, Mexico. Congress gave Trump the $1.6 billion he sought for one year of funding of the border wall with Mexico, but he wanted a long-term wall financing commitment. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

Todd Starnes began his radio program talking about President Trump's tweet saying that the time for a deal on DACA is over after a report that thousands of people were coming through Mexico from Central America seeking to enter the United States illegally.

Starnes said that an "advancing horde of illegal aliens" was heading to the southern border with the intent of "invading the nation." Starnes went on to document how those who cross the border are "taking jobs away from American citizens," especially in the agricultural and construction fields.

Listen to Todd's opening statement here: