Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson was killed early Sunday morning after being hit by a drunk driver. Jackson, 26, and Uber driver Jeffrey Monroe, 54, were hit and killed around 4 a.m. on Sunday on Interstate 70 in Indiana - apparently while standing outside their vehicle on the emergency shoulder.  Indiana State Police identified the driver of an F-150 truck in the incident as Manuel Orrego-Savala, 37, a Guatemalan citizen in the U.S. illegally who had been deported in 2007 and 2009. Orrego-Savala fled the scene but was arrested shortly afterward. Jail records viewed by Fox News on Monday morning said Orrego-Savala, under an alias, was driving without a license. Orrego-Savala's blood alcohol level was 0.239 at the time of the crash -- three times the legal limit.

President Trump on Tuesday called Jackson's death another "preventable" and "disgraceful" tragedy. "So disgraceful that a person illegally in our country killed @Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson. This is just one of many such preventable tragedies. We must get the Dems to get tough on the Border, and with illegal immigration, FAST!" Trump tweeted. Indiana Republican Rep. Todd Rokita also called for increased vigilance in protecting U.S. borders and enforcing immigration laws in light of tragic news. Rep. Todd Rokita, U.S. Representative of the 4th District of Indiana and Chairman of Subcommittee on Early Childhood, joined the Todd Starnes Show today to discuss the importance of immigration reform.

Rep. Rokita on if both Republicans and Democrats have failed us in Congress:

I don't think this should be a partisan issue. I think the people making it partisan are the democrats frankly, because they mostly want to ignore the reality that you cannot have a  sovereign nation without a secure border. And every nation if its going to be sovereign deserves and has to be able to control who comes in and who goes out of the country. And surely though its the democratic party that has more of a problem with that than republicans. But yeah, this is a failure because it's an acknowledgment, it's a reminder that we are not obeying the rule of law and applying it equally to all people.

Rep. Rokita on what American citizens can do to prevent things like this from happening:

Build a wall, have a wall system, allow us to have legal immigration- not this flood across the border, allow us to have a sovereign nation. Demand that, demand that. That's first and foremost. It doesn't matter if you're republican or democrat... We have weak-kneed republicans, country club republicans who sit back and say "thoughts a prayers" and this and that. And while it's tragic, we can really do something here because just by following the law, would be completely preventable and surely by building a wall we can add extra security so that this kind of stuff doesn't happen by illegal immigrant criminals.

Listen to the full interview below: