Wednesday on ABC's "The View," while discussing Family Research Council president Tony Perkins saying evangelical voters gave Trump a "mulligan" for his alleged sexual indiscretions, co-host Meghan McCain said "young Republicans" are not going to "stand for" evangelical groups' anti-LGBTQ "crap." McCain said, "Tony Perkins is someone who - obviously the head of Family Research Council but for some reason I didn't realize he's really extreme when it comes to being an anti-gay hate group. He endorsed ex-gay conversion therapy in 2016. He claims transgender policy has made restrooms into crime scenes. He said LGBTQ soldiers have made the military look like, quote, 'a parade that looks like a bar scene in Star Wars,' so, really respectful to our troops."

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins joined the Todd Starnes Show today to respond to the scathing criticism he received from the ladies of "The View" and Meghan McCain in particular, saying, "the audience she was talking to wouldn't know conservatism if they ran into it."

Tony Perkins on young people embracing the life platform:

These things have been said going back to the origins of the moral majority with every election cycle, but it's culminated in 2016 where there's a recognition that evangelicals understand what's at stake. They inform themselves and they engage, and if in fact as the headlines like to say that with very passing election, evangelicals, the right, whatever they want to call it, is dying off. Well something's happened in 40 years, these people must be the walking dead because they're still around and they're still making a difference. The reality is, I was at the march when the president spoke, the March For Life, and I'll have to tell you there's very few people who were adults when Roe vs. Wade was decided 45 years ago that were at that march, myself included. The young are embracing truth. They're embracing the life platform and she's just flat out wrong.

Tony Perkins responds to Meghan McCain saying he runs an "anti-gay hate group":

They can say what they want but the reality is we have been consistent in our view of human sexuality... I don't just go on and spout stuff off on TV like some people do because of who their father was, that's not what I do.

Tony Perkins on giving the president a "mulligan" on past indiscretions:

We knew what the president was when we had to make a choice between him and Hillary Clinton and so the president made a commitment. He was going to advance pro-life justices, he chose a solid conservative running mate, he wrapped himself in the most conservative party platform in history, and guess what's happened one year after taking office? He has systematically followed through on those promises. So we came to a point of supporting him based upon a commitment that he was making, knowing that the only other alternative was Hillary Clinton that was going to be the end of our republic as we know it. So yes we did give him a pass and said alright we'll give you a do over, we'll start with you here today. I was very clear about this in the interview that was referenced, the interview on CNN, that our support is conditional. If the president stops keeping his promises or reverts back to behavior of a decade ago we're out of here. We're not going to stay with him. But to compare this to Bill Clinton who was engaging in this activity while President of the United States, we're talking about things that happened over a decade ago that we knew and we despised, and spoke out, and repudiated, but but we had to make a choice.

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