A blame game will consume Washington if the government shuts down this week. But first, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle must play the dare game.  Republicans will essentially dare Democrats to vote no on an interim spending plan to avoid a shutdown. If Democrats vote yes, the government remains open. But if Democrats cast nay ballots, Republicans will try to turn that decision against vulnerable lawmakers in the midterm elections.  By the same token, Democrats will dare Republicans to reject the same stopgap plan. This is a hope that the GOP -- wielding majorities in both the House and Senate and President Trump occupying the White House -- will present themselves as incapable of governing. A nay vote by Republicans could trigger a government shutdown. Democrats will cast the shutdown as emblematic of the bedlam associated with the Trump presidency.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) says that if the government does shut down Friday due to lack of funding, the Democrats will be to blame for prioritizing amnesty over funding of the military. Rep. Jordan joined the Todd Starnes Show today to discuss what needs to be done to avoid a government shutdown, why it's important for us to focus on what the election was all about, and why democrats are okay with a government shutdown if it means amnesty for people who came here illegally. Listen to the full interview below: