Hillary Clinton drew parallels between Harvey Weinstein and President Donald Trump, calling the disgraced Hollywood mogul's behavior "disgusting" and "heartbreaking" ― just like the person once caught on camera bragging about sexually assaulting women. In an interview Sunday with Britain's "The Andrew Marr Show," the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee commended women who have stepped forward to share stories of their encounters with Weinstein and emphasized that this type of lecherous behavior can't be tolerated in any industry, including politics. "After all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office," she said. Trump was captured in a 2005 "Access Hollywood" tape bragging he can kiss women and "grab them by the p***y" without invitation." Also, Hollywood veteran Jane Fonda has revealed she learned of the allegations against mogul Harvey Weinstein a year ago -- but said nothing. Fonda, 79, made the admission in an interview on BBC World News HARDtalk, saying that she chose to keep quiet because "it didn't happen to me". Kayleigh McEnany, the newest RNC Spokesperson, and former CNN Commentator sorted through the hypocrisy on the Todd Starnes Show today.

McEnany on Harvey Weinstein's connection to the Clinton family:

Harvey Weinstein we know has been accused of rape from multiple women, sexual assault, these horrific things. He's given so much money to the democratic party and look, the Clinton's specifically; nearly a quarter of a million to the Clinton Foundation. And Fox News really unearthed a golden nugget this morning when they found that this sexual predator Harvey Weinstein had actually donated $10,000 to a man accused of sexual assault, to his legal defense. That man would be Bill Clinton. So he tried to help fend off some of those accusations about Bill Clinton by donating to his legal defense fund. It's appalling and Hillary Clinton if you want to stand for women, give back that money because that will say more to sexual assault victims anywhere than your words will.

Also, regarding the possibility of Hillary Clinton running again in 2020 McEnany said, "We would relish a Hillary Clinton nomination... It would be an absolute disaster."