The Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and injured hundreds in the vicious attack as he fired from his room on the 32nd floor. Despite being shot in a leg during Sunday night's rampage in Las Vegas, Thomas Gunderson found the strength to stand Wednesday when President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump visited his hospital room. "Hi, Thomas. How are you? No, don't get up. Don't get up," Melania Trump can be heard saying in a video as Gunderson attempts to get out of bed. The president entered the room shortly afterward and shook Gunderson's hand. "Hey, this guy looks tough to me," the president said. Today Gunderson called into the Todd Starnes Show from the hospital where he is recovering from a through and through bullet wound. When talking to Todd Starnes, Gunderson revealed, "I was a little scared that I wasn't going to make it out of there." Listen to the full interview below:

Gunderson on why he went back into the festival to try and take out the gunman:

My position on mass shootings like that, I've always told myself that if I'm in one I can get shot running away, and I can get shot laying on the ground, so if you're going to kill me I'm going to at least fight for my life.

Gunderson on why he stood for President Trump despite having a severe leg injury:

It really is incredibly painful... But when I heard that he was coming and they came in and told me when he was going to walk in and how he was going to walk in and all that, I asked my family, I said 'I need you guys to stand to the right side because when he comes in here I need to stand up and shake his hand.' It's what you do. It's out of respect for the position he's in and what he's doing, and I felt like that's what I needed to do.