Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock may have been "radicalized unbeknownst to us", sheriff Joseph Lombardo has warned. Authorities have been scrambling to find a motive for the 64-year-old's devastating attack on a country music festival on Sunday. At least 58 people were killed and more than 500 injured when the retired accountant opened fire on revelers of the Route 91 Harvest festival from the 32nd floor of his Mandalay Bay hotel room before killing himself. Mr. Lombardo said the way Paddock had meticulously planned the massacre was "troublesome" after revealing he had set up cameras inside his hotel room and outside his door, apparently to spot anyone coming for him. 40th Police Commissioner of the City of New York, Bernard Kerik, joined the Todd Starnes Show today to discuss the horrific event and why we as Americans need not to politicize this right off the bat, much like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did the morning after the attack when she immediately came out and preached gun control.

Bernie Kerik on the idea that the Las Vegas shooter "snapped":

This guy didn't' snap, There's no snapping here. This guy was very strategic. He was premeditated. He planned this out substantially, and I'm not talking about just the four days he was in the hotel. He had to practice, with these bump-stocks he had on these weapons it takes practice to be able to handle them, to use them. This stuff had to go on for probably weeks, if not months... This stuff was strategically planned and implemented based on something that he's been working on for probably months, so there was no snapping. 

Bernie Kerik responding to Las Vegas Sheriff using the word "radicalized" when talking about Paddock during press briefing:

At this point they can't rule anything out. They should not rule anything out because they don't have any answers. They don't have anything substantive. But I will tell you the one thing that hasn't been talked about a lot, and it's a stretch, but the bottom line is the guy's girlfriend is from the Philippines. Philippines, Malaysia has a heavy radicalized Islamic movement. Heavy in that arena. The guy is sending tens of thousands of dollars overseas. Where is the money going? We don't know yet. I'm sure they're working in conjunction with the FBI and the Interpol and everybody else trying to figure out where that money was going to and why, but that may be an issue that they're looking at. Like I said, because they don't have much they can't rule anything out at this point.

Listen to the full interview below: