President Donald Trump is pushing lawmakers to "move fast" on a tax overhaul. On Twitter Wednesday, Trump said: "The approval process for the biggest Tax Cut & Tax Reform package in the history of our country will soon begin. Move fast Congress!" Trump had dinner Tuesday with a group of Republican and Democratic senators to talk taxes. The push to overhaul the tax code is a top priority for Trump and Republicans after their effort on health care failed. Trump has been pushing for changes to the tax code to cut corporate and individual rates and simplify the system, but has offered few specifics. White House legislative director Marc Short said Tuesday that principles for the tax overhaul will be released "in a matter of days, not weeks." Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, joined the Todd Starnes Show today to discuss what he thinks needs to happen with the tax code to make the economy flourish, including allowing ordinary Americans keep more of their hard-earned money and creating tax policies that encourage investment, hiring, and job growth. Norquist also said, "This tax cut is going to be passed before Thanksgiving... One of the things Republicans know how to do is to cut taxes."

Listen to the full interview below: