Dr. Kelli Ward (R), Former Arizona State Senator, & candidate For U.S. Senate running against Senator Jeff Flake called into the Todd Starnes Show to talk about republicans refusing to stand by President Trump and why they need to get their act together and support President Trump's America first agenda. Dr. Ward took Senator Flake to task over his NY Times op-ed "Jeff Flake: We Need Immigrants With Skills. But Working Hard Is a Skill." by comparing his stance on immigration to former Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush. Ward also spoke about why she hopes Sheriff Arpaio is pardoned by President Trump and her hope that tonight's Presidential rally in Arizona isn't interrupted by radical protests

Kelli Ward on Senator Flake saying we need immigrants with skills

(WARD) Well it was pretty stunning when it yeah his book followed by the op-ed basically talking about how it's practically fine to break the law, that we need to import low skilled immigrants with strong backs so that they can provide cheap labor and you know I just think you know the more I hear him talk he's repeating democrat talking point again and again and again.

Kelli Ward on Senator Flake calling illegals are American's by choice who are inspiring.

(WARD) Well it is sad it almost sounds like a Jeb! and his thought that people who are coming here are just doing it out of love. There are plenty of people who cross our border every single month every single week who are coming here to do us harm. There are people who want to come here to better their lives and the ones who come the right way you understand there is a right path to come to this country should be able to prosper whenever they come but people who come the wrong way who sneak into our country should expect consequences not reward.

Kelli Ward on if Sheriff Joe Arpaio should be pardoned by President Trump

(WARD) I do I agree with congressman Franks with congressman Biggs with congressman Gosar, they've all come out in support of stopping the politically motivated use of our judicial system against political enemies. We saw it under the Obama administration to an extent like I have never seen and I'm glad that we have a law and order president in the white house now and so you know I'm interested to see. I hope that it Sheriff Arpaio wins his appeal case and he won't need a pardon and I hope he wins on appeal because he's been a champion just like you said of securing the border stopping illegal immigration and doing the job that the federal government refused to do so I hope I hope everything ends well for Sherriff Arpaio.

Kelli Ward on potential protests of President Trump's rally in Arizona tonight

(WARD) I hope that we learned our life in Charlottesville and that people who want to come and express their opinion and utilize their first amendment right to free speech no matter if it's offensive to me or to you, to come out and do that peacefully. remember that hatred bigotry and violence have no place in our society just like the President said and i think the phoenix believe are going to be out in full force i think most of the people that are going to come or are going to be supporters of the president. I think there will be factions that are anti Donald trump in their part of the resist movement and the indivisible and I think the police are going to be ready they're going to root out those few bad apples who might insight violence and we are going to have a great day here in Phoenix welcoming our President to our state. One of the things that really bothers me about that is I know that there are families who want to bring their children to see the President of the United States in person. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people and I don't want a few violent people extremists to ruin that for those people.