Jerry Falwell Jr.,President of the Liberty University, called into the Todd Starnes Show to discuss the continuing fallout from President Trump's remarks on Charlottesville. Falwell said he is proud of President Trump calling out evil by its name and the media is portraying Charlottesville as a "philosophical war between liberals and conservatives republicans and democrat's blacks and whites Jews and gentiles. It's really just good versus evil and we all need to we all need to be united in fighting any form of terrorism whether it's Timothy McVeigh or Islamic radicals flying planes into buildings." When asked about republicans and other supporters who have been abandoning the President, Falwell called out "weak kneed people who are fair weathered friends" including RINO republicans and CEO's of companies who are "scared to death of their shareholders"

Plus, Falwell addressed the story that some Liberty University graduates are sending back their diplomas because of his continued support of President Trump, calling it "grandstanding" and guarantees if those graduates apply for jobs they will put Liberty University's degree on their resume

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