A Virginia high school sent a disturbing letter to parents and students announcing they would be selecting students for Advanced Placement and honors classes based on skin color - instead of intelligence. Martin Luther King, Jr. must be turning over in his grave. A parent forwarded me a copy of the letter sent from John Handley High School in Winchester. "Through our collective work, advanced classes such as AP and Honors will have proportional representation," read the letter. "Proportional representation is 40% White, 35% Hispanic, 12% African American, 10% mixed race." The letter went on to explain that public schools across the country "continue to see outcomes that are disproportionate by race and social class."

Eric Sitton, the father of a rising sophomore honors student at the high school, joined the Todd Starnes Show today to discuss what he felt upon receiving the disturbing letter. "My initial reaction was disbelief," Sitton said. "I was taken aback...shocked that a school district would send this to parents." Listen to the full interview below: