Kayleigh McEnany, former CNN contributor, gained recognition during the 2016 presidential election for frequently appearing as a Trump surrogate on cable news networks. Today she joined the Todd Starnes Show as the newly appointed Republican National Committee spokesperson, just days after an appearance in a pro-Trump video segment that was posted to President Donald Trump's official Facebook page. Regarding the move from her former position at CNN, McEnany told Todd "It is so nice to be among allies at the RNC." She also responded to her former CNN colleague Jake Tapper calling her Trump TV broadcast not real or news: "Not all news has to be negative towards Trump to be classified as real news....they just seem to take issue with the facts that are positive," she said. "This newscast I did was showing the positive side of the Trump administration - something that you will never find in the mainstream media." McEnany also commented on breaking news out of North Korea about nuclear warheads, how the majority of congress supports the president, and how the RNC allows people to voice their opinions unlike the DNC. Listen to the full interview below: