Double Standard! The mainstream media displayed what some see as a double standard on criticizing women after Sarah Huckabee Sanders was promoted to White House Press Secretary last week. Members of the media attacked Sanders on her appearance and demeanor. President Trump promoted Sanders to take over the role from former Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Spicer stepped down after Anthony Scaramucci was appointed communications director on Friday. Todd goes off!

Todd gets reaction from Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski who says the attacks on Huckabee Sanders are "tabloid journalism at its absolute worst." He goes on to say if "you look at across the board, whether it's the state department, or the justice department, or the White House, there are females serving as the lead press people across this administration, which should be a testament to Donald Trump for making sure that the best people have the jobs. If this was a democrat administration, the media would be praising Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton for putting females in those positions. And the outrage of the main stream media would be so high if a republican would've said something like that about a democrat press secretary that they'd be calling for that person to be fired."

Listen to the full interview below: