Watch Out! The seven-year Republican quest to undo the Affordable Care Act appeared to reach a dead end on Tuesday in the Senate, leaving President Trump vowing to let President Barack Obama's signature domestic achievement collapse. Mr. Trump declared that his plan was now to "let Obamacare fail," and suggested that Democrats would then seek out Republicans to work together on a bill to bury the Affordable Care Act. "It'll be a lot easier," Mr. Trump said at the White House, adding: "We're not going to own it. I'm not going to own it. I can tell you the Republicans are not going to own it. We'll let Obamacare fail, and then the Democrats are going to come to us."

Todd talks with President of the Senate Conservatives Fund, Ken Cuccinelli who says his group plans to recruit and fund candidates who would launch primary challenges against Republican senators who vote against an Obamacare repeal.

Ken Cuccinelli went on to call out several Republicans saying a lot of the "left" is in the Republican party in Congress, including Steve Scalise. Cuccinelli said, "god help him recover from his gun shot wounds, but he sold his conservative soul to be in the leadership".