Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave Omar Khadr a big payout, but the terrorist's real victims may never see any of that money. Canada agreed to pay the former Guantanamo prisoner a reported $8 million in a lawsuit alleging civil rights violations. The settlement included an apology. The Canadian-born Khadr was 15 in 2002 when he tossed a grenade in a firefight that killed U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer, a Special Forces medic. Tabitha Speer, the soldier's widow, and Sgt. Layne Morris, who was blinded in the firefight, won a $134 million wrongful-death default judgment against Khadr two years ago in Utah. Lawyers for the widow and Morris requested an order freezing Khadr's assets, but last week a Canadian judge threw out the request, calling it "extraordinary." Retired U.S. Special Forces sergeant Layne Morris joined the Todd Starnes Show today to discuss the outrageous decision made by Canada's liberal government and just how offensive it is to him.

Sgt. Morris on a Canadian judge throwing out his lawyer's order to freeze Khadr's assets:

I had an interesting conversation with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper the other day and he was relating how he told the Obama administration that was trying to prod him into taking Omar Khadr back out of Guantanamo. He told President Obama, "This guy is right where he needs to be. We don't want him back. He's Canadian so if you force us we'll have to take him, but I promise you if he gets back to this country our very liberal court system and any government that comes after me that is more liberal will treat this guy with generosity to the point that is offensive to anybody." He was exactly right and I guess I echo that. It's an outcome that is offensive to anyone with just a lick of common sense. And how the Trudeau government could relish this opportunity to reward Omar Khadr and make him a one-percenter for heaven's sake, over an issue where he didn't have a shoulder to cry on at Gitmo, prior going to Gitmo. It's outrageous and offensive to anyone who has any sense of fairness or justice.

Sgt. Morris on what he would say to Prime Minister Trudeau given the chance:

I would tell him of the mistake he has made. The egregious mistake. He has stained the image and the name of Canada for all of history unless he figures out some way to correct this mistake.

Listen to the full interview below: