The Senate health care bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, fell apart Monday night when two GOP senators -- Jerry Moran of Kansas and Mike Lee of Utah -- said they would not support a vote to bring the bill to the floor of the Senate for debate. Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) joined the Todd Starnes Show today to discuss the collapse of the bill and what Republicans need to do now to fulfill their promise to American voters.

Rep. Meadows on what happened to the Senate health care bill last night:

I'm still confident that we will pass an Obamacare repeal. We made that pledge to the American people... The President is all in on this. It's not the President's fault, it's truly as we try to negotiate this, really a lot of Republicans forgetting what they promised to the American people, and we've got to remember those campaign promises. We're working even in the last 12 hours, even since the news came out of Senator Moran and Senator Lee not voting for this last Obamacare repeal and replacement effort, that we're going to get it done. Now for many of us we're saying "Well, let's just go back to the 2015 bill that we put on president Barack Obama's desk," and we know that there's a president in the White House now that will sign it. But it's all about trying to make sure that we fulfill those campaign promises, and I'm still very confident that we will get it done. If nothing more, no one gets to go home until we get it done.

Rep. Meadows on if there needs to be a change in Republican leadership in the Senate:

We've got leadership in the senate, It's called Schumer. Charles Schumer is the leader. We're allowing eight democrats to control what we do in the senate and the President's right. Until we fix that, until we get to the point where 51 or 52 republicans can push things through, then we're constrained by these arcane type of budget rules that we're trying to fit this thing through. I'm not in the upper chambers so for me to opine on whether we need a new leader in the senate, what we do need is a new direction and I can tell you at this point it's incumbent upon us to get things done. I can tell you the people back at home, your listeners, They don't understand why we didn't have a bill on the president's desk on January 20th and quite frankly neither do I.

Rep. Meadows on if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell needs to go:

I can tell you there is a growing voice of people that believes there needs to be a change in leadership. I'm one that believes that it's more difficult than that. You put a different leader in there and if they operate under the same cloture motion to proceed rules, it doesn't get any better. Let's go back to the normal filibuster or the different rules that were there before the cloture vote and let's go ahead and understand.  The democrats would do it. If the shoe were on the other foot, they've already gone nuclear a couple of times. Why do we for tradition's sake not allow those rules to be changed? I can tell you that this administration is growing weary of no results,  I'm growing weary of no results, and the question is how long do the American people have to wait to understand that Washington D.C. is changing? And let's go ahead and do that. So if this leader isn't willing to change the rules, if there's another leader who's willing to do that, I'm supportive of that.

Listen to the full interview below: