President Trump delivered a staunch defense of Western values during a rousing speech Thursday to thousands of Poles in Warsaw's Krasinski Square, rallying allies against what he described as "dire threats" to civilization and vowing, "the West will never, ever be broken." On his second overseas trip as president, Trump voiced confidence in the resolve of Western nations to confront common threats but said allies must remember who they are to topple those challenges. Trump said nations must have the will to protect borders and preserve civilization from those who would destroy it.  "Just as Poland cannot be broken, I declare today for the world to hear that the West will never, ever be broken," Trump said. "Our values will prevail, our people will thrive and our civilization will triumph." President Trump's arrival and speech were met with monstrous applause,  so why is the mainstream media knocking him when the world seems to love him?

Brent Bozell, Founder and President of the Media Research Center and Chairman of For America, joined the Todd Starnes Show today to discuss how CNN, which he says "is in a world of hurt right now", has wildly overreacted to the viral pro-wrestling-with-the-CNN-logo meme. While conservatives saw it as humor, CNN treated it as a "fascist" tactic encouraging violence against journalists and then made its own threats online (to expose his name and address) with the person who posted this on the Reddit social-media site. CNN could have laughed the tweet off, but they were just as sensitive to mockery as President Trump is made out to be. Regarding the mainstream media's treatment of the President, Bozell says, "the press has thrown overboard any semblance of journalistic ethics." Listen to the full interview below: