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Like many Americans, Tom Sullivan thinks that President Trump's Tweets often cross the line. However, he can deal with the social media outburst as long as Trump gets the job done.

On Thursday, President Trump took to Twitter to mock Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski for apparently getting a face-lift.

Trump's attack of Brzezinski, who has been an outspoken critic of the President, set the internet on fire and Democrats and Republicans attacks were sexist and below the office that he currently holds.

Tom weighed in on the controversy during Thursday show, acknowledging that President Trump's demeanor is not exactly the best. Tom called the President "thin-skinned" and describing even deacribe him as "a rich guy with no class."

BUT ... Despite Tom's concerns over how President Trump carries himself, he still stands behind the President's agenda. Citing issues like the Supreme Court and tax reform, Tom laid out why he still feels he'd rather have a "no class" Trump in the Oval Office rather than than Hillary Clinton.

Tom finished by saying, For style, the President Trump an F. However, Tom feels Trump is doing well when it comes to policy, and say Americans we'll just have to deal with his personality.

To hear Tom's thoughts on President Trump's latest Twitter tirade, click the link above.