The destruction of a newly built Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Arkansas state Capitol has reignited the decades-old debate over whether or not religious relics should be allowed to be displayed on public property.

Discussing the incident and the controversy surrounding it on Wednesday's show, Tom Sullivan spoke to "David in Walnut Creek", who had a suggestion for people who are easily offended by things such as religious symbols: get rid of any reference to religions or for that matter, strip every thing in government of any reference to anything

Instead of giving government buildings and property traditional names, David said, everything should just be named by numbers and letters. That way, no one will be offended.

David argued cities such as San Francisco, which actually translates to St. Francis, would be assigned a number or a letter. He said the same should go for street names, even if they've already been dedicated to historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr.

Tom agreed with his premise, saying that people get offended too easily nowadays.

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