Earlier today, the Supreme Court decided to reinstate key parts of President Trump's proposed ban on travel from six majority-Muslim nations.

On Monday's show, FOX News Channel Chief Legal Correspondent Shannon Bream joined Tom Sullivan to discuss the High Court's decision and its implications!

Bream, who hosts the Fox News podcast "Livin' The Bream", said today's news was clearly good for President Trump and his agenda, but it doesn't necessarily mean he'll be victorious in the end!

As Bream pointed out, it won't be until the fall before the Justices will hear full arguments regarding executive authority on immigration, and the constitutionality of this. For now, however, President Trump's proposed travel ban will remain intact--and that's welcomed news at the White House.

Tom and Shannon also discussed Justice Anthony Kennedy, and whether or not he is going to retire. According to Shannon's legal sources, Justice Kennedy is actually leaning toward remaining on the Supreme Court for another year. There are a few important cases that the Court will hear when it returns from summer recess.

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