Earlier this week, the Supreme Court struck down a North Carolina law that bans convicted sex offenders from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tom does not agree with the ruling.

Registered sex offenders are not allowed to visit places where children are often present, such as playgrounds. Tom argued on Thursday's show that, by this logic, they should not be able to be active on social media sites either. Tom cited a statistic brought up by North Carolina's deputy attorney general Robert Montgomery that states that social networking sites are used to gain information in more than 80% of online sex crimes against children.

With sex offenders using the internet to target children, Tom thinks that it does not make any sense to give them unrestricted access to social media sites. He says the government should put some sort of "electronic leash" on sex offenders online.

Listen above to hear why Tom thinks that sex offenders need to be kept off of social media sites.