Following Wednesday morning's shooting during a Congressional baseball practice at Simpson Field in Alexandria, Virginia, lawmakers and others are blaming the horrific incident on hyper partisanship. Republicans were practicing for Thursday night's annual Congressional Baseball Game when a man started shooting at them. The suspect was later identified as James Hodgkinson.

According to posts he made on Facebook and Twitter, Hodgkinson was a Bernie Sanders supporter and a critic of President Trump.

During The Tom Sullivan Show on Wednesday, Tom discussed whether or not the media plays a role in our country's division over politics. With tensions between the Democrats and Republicans seemingly at an all-time high, people are starting to wonder if the media is fueling this hyper partisanship. Tom talked about this issue with the host of Media Buzz on Fox News, Howard Kurtz.

Kurtz said that the media does fall victim to the political blame game, but its unfair to say the major news outlets are responsible when there's a politically motivated act of violence. In his view, the media's overwhelmingly negative coverage of President Trump has been unfair, but does not feel the mainstream media's negative coverage is what drove Hodgkinson to open fire on Wednesday.

Violence against politicians is nothing new, as Kurtz pointed out. Many of which happened way before cable news even existed.

Kurtz and Tom agreed how both sides are extremely partisan right now, but neither side should be blamed for the shooting.