ulitzer Prize-winning historian and the author of classics like "John Adams", "Truman" and "1776" David McCullough has made a fantastic living educating Americans about their history.

But despite all the historical books he and others sold, he still worries about what he calls a "creeping amnesia" in our society - that Americans are forgetting their country's history.

Earlier this month, McCullough joined Fox News Radio's Tom Sullivan to discuss his latest book, "The American Spirit: Who We Are and What We Stand For". But the conversation quickly went McCullough's concerns about our society and our education system's failure to teach young people American history.

"We're slipping behind in our national understanding of who we are. Our history. Our story." McCullough complained to Tom. "We're raising generations of Americans who historically illiterate".

McCullough worries our ignorance is creating profound problems - including: the likelihood of our leaders repeating the mistakes of the past and losing the important perspective needed by voters not to be swayed by the 'distorted influence of money in politics'.

But young people aren't to blame, according to McCullough. He told Tom the blame lies on older American who have never emphasized the importance of history ... and for also teaching it in a way that actuially makes it interesting.

The author says history course need to be required at all levels of education.