Katie Hopkins On U.S. Leaks In Manchester Bomb Investigation: I Look To America For Truth

British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to confront President Donald Trump Thursday about leaks from the investigation into the deadly Manchester Arena attack -- leaks that may have come from U.S. officials. May said she planned to raise the issue to Trump at the NATO summit in Brussels, hoping to "make clear to President Trump that intelligence that is shared between our law enforcement agencies must remain secure." A British official, who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said Manchester police would stop sharing information about their bombing investigation until they received a guarantee there would be no more leaks to the news media.

UK based Daily Mail Columnist Katie Hopkins joined The John Gibson Show today and says, "We have choices. Our leaders chose 'human rights' of jihadis over the right to life of our children". Hopkins also shared some of the advice she has for Theresa May, saying, "She needs to focus on action... Round up the 3,000 jihadis we know walking our streets and incarcerate them immediately." Listen to the full interview below.