Ric Grenell On President Trump’s Visit To Saudi Arabia: He Really Brought Back An Important Ally

Audio clip:

President Trump urged leaders of Muslim countries to stand up against what he calls "Islamic extremism" on Sunday, adopting a tough stance on terror that nonetheless attempts to soften the anti-Muslim rhetoric of his campaign for president. The use of that terminology appears to be something of a compromise: During the presidential campaign, Trump criticized President Obama for refusing to utter the words "radical Islamic terrorism" -- a phrase Obama said would alienate the Muslim allies that the United States most needs to combat terrorism. In an ornate conference hall in the Saudi capital, and speaking to a group of leaders from 50 Islamic nations, Trump called on Muslims to confront "the crisis of Islamic extremism and the Islamist and Islamic terror of all kinds." Fox News Contributor and fellow with The Project To Restore America, Ric Grenell, joined the John Gibson Show today to discuss President Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia, saying, "The president really brought back an important ally." Grenell added, "We have to have the Saudis as our friend and ally in the region, they're not someone who shouldn't be respected." Listen to the full interview below: